Company folder

Folder is an office attribute, useful in work organization, invaluable help from the marketing department.
Store segregated documents securely.
Present the offer to the client in an elegant form.

Business and advertising calendars

They are the best marketing tool that allows you to be in the client’s office for 365 days. It is not: intrusive – like a phone call at the wrong moment, insistent – like questions about a meeting during a period of great turbulence, tiring – like a long email unread until the end.
It is worth remembering, however, that only one calendar usually hangs on the wall, and our contractor gets several of them from their supplies and business partners.
Make your calendar be the one on you customer wall.

How to make your company’s calendar displayed at the contractor’s office?

3 month calendar
It allows perfect organization of time, allows you to create schedules for weeks of classes. It gives great design possibilities. Irreplaceable at the secretary’s office and at the reception.
Wall calendar
The best company image making factor, gives unlimited possibilities for presenting products, services, and company mission. Elegant and irreplaceable in the Director’s office.
Desk calendar
Staff are happy to put them on their desks. Classic form and innovative designs. Used where it is not possible to display advertising materials on the walls.

Visual identification
CI – company identity

We offer you the design of all poligrafic materials that create a coherent visual image of your company.

We manufacture and print standard company prints and individually designed prints to meet the needs of your company.

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